Industrial gas detection for emissions, immissions and workers’ protection has been part of the key competencies of Dr. Braden Consulting for many years.
We support you from the development of sensors (electrochemical, IR, Pellistor, photoacoustic, ...), during the independent characterisation of commercial sensors and sensor modules through to gas detection instrument design.

Further areas of responsibility include; troubleshooting in problem cases, special applications, sensor crash tests for life-cycle assessment, ends calibration systems for sensors and instruments.

Our market analysis and the overview on technological trends or current activities in academia are particularly interesting for new-comers to this area. At the same time, established companies can ensure that they remain at the cutting-edge of the technology.

Thanks to our know-how, projects aimed at the process optimization, automation or efficiency of sensor- or equipment manufacturing are particularly efficient – and this efficacy can be one lynch-pin to your success.