The foundation for identifying optimizing potential is based on a preliminary analysis of the actual state. We do this as an independent observer. Potential can lie in the process cycle, in its technology, in its design or in the product range.

Next, individual projects are defined. These can be prioritised by complexity, by outcome and by success of implementation. We realize these together with you. Often, minor and easy-to-implement changes in the process cycle, simple auxiliary assembly tools, standardized measurements for process control etc. are sufficient to achieve quick and lasting improvements.

A current focal point concerns improving material efficiency. We are accredited by the Deutsche Materialeffizienz Agentur demea (German Material Efficiency Agency) as a leading advisor, and these projects are supported by the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology). These projects very quickly pay for themselves, particularly in gas detection industry but also in other areas with a high level of noble metal components.